Today’s leaders come from many backgrounds and are not cookie cutter copies following a straight line from B-school to C-suite.


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“Many reason as to why I consider myself a strong leader today is due to my work with Diana.  When I first started working with Diana I was in a pretty bad place professionally.  She challenged me in many of my ways while also guiding me in new ways to be a better supervisor.  I’ve found Diana to be a wonderful resource and wealth of knowledge during my work with her.  As we continue to work today I truly enjoy providing her updates about my team and know that I could not have done this without her.  I have also learned a lot about myself as well which has been very helpful in my managing of the department.”

Timothy R. Moran M.Ed.

Director of Housing and Residence Life, Seton Hall University

“Diana really helped my transition to a new organization. The new role was an adjustment for me in many ways – a more senior level of responsibility, and as a remote role within a growing organization. Diana helped me gain confidence and helped me see the potential and expertise I bring to the table, as I transitioned to a new organization. She also helped my harness this experience and expertise to navigate and educate on processes and needs to be able to grow. In short, working with Diana helped me find my feet during an unusual transition and was an invaluable sounding board for me to test my thoughts and actions. I would absolutely do this again with Diana!”

Shubh Goel

VP, Commercial, Odonate Therapeutics

“I recently worked with Diana Gáler for career and life coaching and was extremely pleased with our interactions and with the positive results she was able to help me acheive in a short period of time. Within 3 months she faciliated my annual goal setting, mid-to-longer-term career development planing, beginning to plan for retirement, creation of a personal networking strategy — including developing personal connections in a new area of interest, and the motivation and tools to stick to an excercise and diet plan (leading to 10 lb weight loss in 3 months). Diana is a skilled listener and has a unique ability to ask probing questions that enable the recipient to unlock solutons that are already there but can’t be reached without thinking differently. She is also able to gently but firmly hold one accountable to commitments in a way that is not possible when working alone. I highly recommend Diana as a life and career coach for anyone looking for greater fulfillment in their professional careers and personal lives.”

Lynne Butler

Drug Safety Regulatory Strategy Lead, Pfizer

“When I started working with Diana, I couldn’t cope with my job. I didn’t dislike it, but I felt so stressed and inadequate – every day was a struggle. I wanted to move to another department, or identify a different profession. I was counting the days to retirement.
In the 4 months I have worked with Diana, she has helped me to see where my thought patterns are negative, and do not serve me well. She has helped me to identify alternate ways of looking at a situation, and focus on the ‘opportunities’ instead of the ‘problems or challenges’. Each week I brought my work issues to our calls, and watched myself develop the skills necessary to handle them.
Four months later, I have not changed departments, nor professions. But, I find …. lo and behold…. I like my job. At the end of the day (OK – not every day), I feel a sense of accomplishment or say to myself that I have had a good day. I now have the tools to bring to my daily work, and that has made all the difference.”

Manager, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, NJ

“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all of the help that you have given me to improve my interpersonal skills, build my confidence to lead others, and to build a foundation on which I can accomplish just about anything great or small with tact, poise and confidence. I directly attribute your coaching to my current successes at work and my recent promotion. Your philosophy that the way that we look at the world has to change before we can change how we interact with others is spot on and so different than other leadership programs I have participated in where the focus is on tools rather than internal attitude. Your services are worth every penny and have helped me make incredible changes in how I interact with others!”


Pfizer Inc.

“After spending about a third of my career in biopharma at the Executive level, I was given the
opportunity to have executive coaching from Diana Galer via TLD group. I initially chose Diana for her
background as a senior leader within another major biopharma company and recognized immediately
how relevant her professional background was in informing her coaching.

She gave me the opportunity to improve my self-awareness with a thorough collection of feedback from
other leaders in my organization. This improved self-awareness led to positive identification of
development opportunities for myself. A stand-out aspect of her coaching is that she gives her clients
the time to rehearse critical communication points and she gives active feedback persistently until the
client is satisfied that he or she has mastered that communication point. By this method, Diana gives
her clients ownership of their challenges and ownership of their solutions.

Diana took me through a full life cycle of a career change within the company from one leadership
position to the next and along every step of the way gave me genuine insights and constructive
feedback. The outcome of this excellent coaching exceeded the expectations of the company’s most
senior managers.”


Executive Director, MD, PhD, major Biopharma company

“Diana Gáler has a calm way of asking smart questions that dive deep into the heart of the matter, gently but surely getting you to directly examine the truth that you may have been avoiding. She helps bring clarity to complex situations, helping you decide for yourself which is the right path. I love working with her and wholeheartedly recommend her to others.”

Renée Wills

Co-Founder, Client Lead, Brick City Greenhouse

“Diana is a great coach.She is well spoken and well organized. She hears what is being said and picks up on what is unspoken but is still a goal. Working with a good career coach is not about winning. It is about finding a solution. To this end, Diana is solidly committed. She helped me clarify my goals, identify my tools and sharpen my skills. This allowed me to move forward in a period of rapid change in my professional career.”

Jennifer Coury, CFA®, CFP®

President, J.M. Coury Consulting, LLC

“Diana was very instrumental in coaching me through my career transformation. I worked with her in preparation of my new role in China. She provided relevant references, resources and materials to help me prepare for this change Diana puts 100% of her heart and she is always available. I feel ready and well equipped when I arrived in China. Diana – thank you for being there for me! I really appreciate it.”

Tint Tint Yap

Head of Consumer Care Marketing and Sales Support, Bayer HealthCare China

“I appreciate Diana’s style and approach to coaching and how she instills confidence in her clients. It was helpful to peel back the many layers of our lives and careers through a fun and inquisitive process of learning and personal growth together. I recommend her class to those who are trying to dig deeper.”
Danielle Corea-Smith

Director of Impact Initiatives, United Way of Greater Newark

“Diana Gáler is a high caliber coach with an intuitive understanding of the client’s needs. She helped me evaluate the next step in my career at a time of great change. Her guidance was invaluable in determining my values, strengths, and interests as well as to formulate a plan to explore alternative career paths. Diana’s coaching encouraged me to think well “outside the box” and expanded my concept of how a career should unfold. She truly provides what the client needs, when the client needs it – she was willing to be flexible in our agendas so we could address critical issues in a timely manner. I highly recommend Diana for her intuitive coaching skills and unwavering commitment to the needs of her clients. I would not hesitate to call upon her for my future coaching.”



“I am thrilled with my most recent career decision!  Diana is an exceptional coach who guided me to map my own path forward by asking insightful questions and exposing how my responses were aligned with my career goals and aspirations.  Diana’s creative approach allowed me to visualize the work environment most likely to motivate and inspire me as a senior leader striving to make a bigger impact. I am energized by my new level of self-awareness.  Thank you Diana– I highly recommend you as a leadership coach and I am sure I will be a repeat customer!”

Lori K. Shafner, PhD

VP, Global Medicine Team Leader, Alexion Pharmaceuticals

“I highly recommend Diana Gáler to anyone interested in energizing or rethinking their career. I also recommend Diana’s services to managers and team leaders dealing with immediate team and project issues. Diana coaches by listening, leading through questions and working with you to find the solutions that are right for you to achieve your own, or your team’s, goals.”

Betsy Raymond Stevenson

Healthcare Communications Executive, R&D focus, Chaucer, Inc., Claritas Genomics

“Working with Diana proved to be a life-changing experience for me. In a world of constant change, she helped me navigate through 4 bosses, 3 department changes, one promotion and multiple other organizational changes within the span of 12 months. Her coaching helped me tackle some of hardest personal obstacles I have struggled with for years, helping me find my voice and demonstrate my value in a large and shifting organization. My professional growth accelerated, and looking back to where I was, I can’t believe how much progress I have made. Diana’s knew instinctively what I needed, and helped me manage difficult professional challenges and relationships. She worked with me to develop a personal brand that I feel good about, that isn’t about self-promotion but about letting people know what motivates me. Working with her has been an inflection point on my professional journey, and I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking to grow in their career!”

Nadya Babigian

Executive Director, Novartis

“Diana Gáler was the perfect coach for me as I worked through a significant transition in my career. She provided excellent information and insight, and, most importantly of all, she challenged my perspectives and assumptions which provided me with broader views of my own experience and the organization within which I was working. Now that I am in another position, I can anticipate returning for additional coaching in order to help me reach even higher levels of excellence. I highly recommend Diana for executive coaching.”

Patrick Love

Vice President for Student Affairs, New York Institute of Technology

“Diana Gáler was awesome for me. I felt really good connecting with her. She built my confidence, understood me, encouraged me, and asked me insightful questions that made me think. I believe that my preparation for the job I landed was super, and it is all because of Diana. I am lucky that I met her at the time I did, because if she was not there I may not have landed this job. Thanks Diana.”

Asad Husain

EVP & CHRO, C&S Wholesale Grocers

“I have just landed a great new job and I have Diana Gáler to thank! She is an amazing coach, who is professional and a master of her craft. She knows how to get you thinking positively about your goals and then helps you every step of the way in obtaining them. But the greatest part about working with her is that she truly cares about seeing you succeed. The personal touch Diana gives is something you cannot put a price on. Thank you again!”

Matthew S.

Web Conference Coordinator, Chester, NJ

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