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Feeling Outside Looking In

When we feel like outsiders, we sometimes stop ourselves from participating. The group loses as much as we do. We may be telling ourselves stories that are meaningless and irrelevant. What to do in those situations? Clearly, changing the story we tell ourselves and our mindset is critical.

What Does It Take to Be a Role Model?

At a recent workshop on Mentoring, I stressed to the audience composed of mentors and mentees that one of the key roles for mentors was to be role models. I can imagine that this landed on some of the mentors like a lead balloon. No, they could never be “off”; they...

Are You AWOL?

It is the season for disengagement, for being mentally AWOL even if physically present. You may call it “summeritis” or the summer doldrums. Whatever we call it, our disengagement at this time of year can cost dearly after Labor Day.

What Is Your Mindset?

Recently I reread parts of Carol Dweck’s inspiring book Mindset. It was in part to gather information for a workshop I am researching (more about this in a future note).  It is not often that you find a book that links together ideas found in other books dealing with...