When I began my journey to understand confidence I did not know where to start. I read many books, looked at dictionary definitions and was left disappointed by what I read. What I knew was that this was the number 1 issue for most of my clients.

Most definitions of the word “confidence” are synonyms such as self-assurance and self-reliance. Others describe confidence in terms of trust or faith. None of these definitions satisfied my desire to understand what confidence is and how to increase it.

So I created my own. In coaching many highly accomplished clients I knew that confidence wasn’t simply a matter of skills or of faith in one’s capabilities. Confidence more often is the mindset that one can achieve or overcome obstacles. For that, a person needs to believe that they are deserving.

Here is a my definition of confidence:

Confidence is the belief or mindset that one has the capacity to achieve and are worthy of success.

When I’ve shared this definition as part of my Confidence workshop, Confidence – Your Secret Sauce, participants told me it resonates with them, and that the word “Worthy” is particularly important.

Becoming more confident takes work. It means recognizing where low confidence shows up and how, and understanding what causes self-doubts and taking action to change what might be lifetime habits.

I designed my four-part workshop, Confidence – Your Secret Sauce to identify the stories, habits and mental models that impact YOUR confidence. We will also create the plan of action to break through barriers and become more confident.

Many of us have taken time during the last few months to reflect on our lives and our plans for the future. What better time to invest in yourself than now?

If you would like to increase your confidence, achieve your goals and succeed at whatever you are doing, please consider joining the workshop. (There’s an extra incentive to join before July 25th: a one-on-one coaching session with me, a $350 value.)

Four highly interactive 90-minute sessions via Zoom on four successive Tuesdays in August, starting on August 4th, either at 11:30 AM or 6:00 PM Eastern time: Click here. (The workshop will be limited to ten (10) participants for maximum interaction and attention)

You deserve to be more confident.