Is it possible to be too confident? Perhaps if that confidence comes from lack of understanding, knowledge or willful ignorance. In that case, it’s not overconfidence but rather hubris, where ego and pride are the main components.

I believe that confidence is self-limiting. By that I mean that we can become confident to the level we are willing to commit the energy and work to build up our knowledge or skill, to our capability. We grow in confidence by knowing what we know and, importantly, knowing what we don’t. Humility is a component of confidence, as a confident person is willing to admit not knowing or not being able to do.

Confidence means knowing that one is enough and knowing that one can do more, provided the investment of effort. Knowing what we don’t know, or having respect for the unknown, means we will not make the potentially fatal mistake of feeling invulnerable.

On the other hand, when we do not feel confident, we believe we must do more because we are not enough. We believe we must earn our value in others’ eyes. We believe our efforts will never be sufficient to prove our worthiness. We chase perfection; however we define it.

Confidence is a journey. A journey to feeling one is worthy and able.  And it is a journey that I’m happy to be on, and to help others on.  Look for more announcements about a webinar to introduce my “Confidence – Your Secret Sauce” program in the next few weeks.

I can’t wait to share it with you!